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A family heritage

About our Villa


Our family heritage

Ikigai, hygge, raison d’etre, the element? Confused? Let’s see: Casa Chintoan was built in 1936 by a French architect to serve as a home for a Romanian boyar named Dervescu Petre. In 1972 his daughter passed the house to two families who happily lived there their lives. In 2001 the house was bought by Mr. Gheorghe with the intention to revive it, but due to unfavorable circumstances it wasn’t until 2003 that this happened, when a visionary sailor with big ambitions purchased it. It was home for our family until 2018 when we decided to share it with you.
Bed & Breakfast
Bed & Breakfast

A new beginning

Casa Chintoan is divided as such: The industrial basement with 1 double room with private bathroom, perfect for who wishes isolation from the hectic world. The classic English ground floor with one single room private bathroom, the kitchen and the living room. The luxury Mediterranean first floor with 2 double rooms (private bathroom) perfect for who wishes to connect with the sea. And the rustic attic (1 open space bedroom) perfect to feel the freedom and infinity of the sea.

Here at Casa Chintoan we guide our work and life by values and principles such as love, kindness, respect, honesty, and positive communication. We are pet friendly, nature friendly and we support responsible tourism.

Our Mission

Our mission here at Casa Chintoan is not to give you opulence or unjustified luxury. Our mission is to offer you a place where you can rebound with peace, love, joy and happiness.
We are looking for visitors who share our vision, to be part of our family so that together we can enjoy the simple things in life and grow into better persons in a better world.

*note that many objects in the house date back in the 1900s so please respect the authenticity and uniqueness*.

To build a future, you have to know the past.

This is our ikigai!

*You will find detailed info about each room in the dedicated section.

Bed & Breakfast
years of history
square meters area
casa chintoan | Bed & Breakfast

Our Rooms

2 Beds

King room with sea view

Perfect for romantic couple or persons in love with the magic of the sea.

2 Beds

Double room with sea view

It has a terrace double its size.  Perfect for the summer breeze

4 Beds

King room with street balcony

This room offers a cozy vibe and ideal for late sleep mornings.

2 Beds

Single room ground-floor

Perfect for transit guests or business guests.

kind reviews by visitors

Don't take our word for it!

It was lovely. Location is perfect to enjoy the sea. The hotel was extremely clean and the place, beautiful. Breakfast was good and hearty. Finally, the owner is adorable and very available.
Great location in quite area, walking distance to all restaurants and beaches. Room is spacious, all furniture is new. sir Jacques makes your stay unforgettable:)
CASA CHINTOAN | Bed & Breakfast

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Bookings are confirmed with a 20% prepayment, non refundable (which, in case of cancellation can be used as a voucher for a period no longer than 10 months).
So, cancellation is possible at any time in these conditions.

Breakfast – 6€ / person 

Only on advanced request: wine&cheese platter, special occasions cakes, photo shootings, private rentals